Protect Local Food AND Family Farms

Communities for Food & Family Farms has one main goal: To unite the community to stand behind our farmers, knowing that Sonoma County farmers farm with compassion for animals, stewardship for the environment, and a commitment to provide quality local food for all.



Preserving the Land

Family Farmers – Get to know yours

Farmers are often referred to as “stewards of the land” and “the original environmentalists”. They earned these titles because of their focus on preserving the land for future generations. Farmers were taught to watch where the cows graze, rotate crops responsibly, and to care for the animals. In Sonoma County, we honor this farming heritage; that’s why you’ll see predominantly pasture raised, organic farms here.

We are Sonoma County Strong

We can not win this alone. In Sonoma County there are only 54 dairy farms, around 80 chicken farms, and only 2 duck farms. There are over 482,000 residents in Sonoma County. Farm numbers are shrinking drastically. Those few farms cannot speak to all of the community without help. It’s time we build that communication and help our community gain back a true connection with where their food comes from – before food no longer comes from Sonoma County’s own backyard.

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Sonoma County

is at the forefront of regenerative farming and poly-culture. Sonoma County is home to the very first Organic Dairy in the United States, and the hub of some of the most progressive farming activities in the world.

Local Food Systems   |   Cultural Traditions   |   Sustainability

Sonoma Aroma is the name of the game. What is it, you ask? This is the smell of green pastures and rolling hills, of regeneration and carbon sequestration, recycling water up to 5 times (sometimes even more), and the place we believe in upcycling, supporting local, CSA’s contributing to local food systems, and farmers doing their part to help people feel truly connected to their food.

It is rare to find a place on earth with this much fresh, local, delicious food, and it has contributed to many world-class fine-dining restaurants that boast “Farm to Table” fare, inspired by the farmers who pepper tourists journeys to their welcoming venues.

Sonoma County has been called the “Provence of America” by multiple publications including the Boston Globe, for our rolling green hills, local farm- to-table eateries, and charming towns.

Those who live in or near Sonoma County have often been told that driving through their charming towns, brings people back to the days when families connected more, thanks in part to our bucolic scenery and historic downtowns.  

How do we make sure that future generations will enjoy being surrounded by this rare bounty of multi-faceted regenerative, artisan way of living? Once it is gone, it is gone…

Unfortunately, this beautiful and coveted way of life is under attack daily, with most residents unaware that it is happening, or how to protect it. Farms are quietly dwindling and the community doesn’t know that their farmers are in need of their support. How do we protect our way of life in Sonoma County?

Most farms in Sonoma County have been here since the 1800’s, many still farming in the same old barns, with the same old fences, and same old families tending the land and cattle, to make sure it is preserved and honored.

Farmers are a quiet people, many come from immigrant families who just want to make a good life here in America, and raise their families on quiet pieces of land.

There is a connection to our Sonoma County farm-families immigration history that bids welcome to a new way of life for many minorities who are still very connected to working alongside animals and who love the land. The common ground is stronger than can be explained, and it creates a connection that enables newcomers to thrive and learn and enrich our culture.

Some have forgotten our immigration stories, while our farm families embrace this history and live in their ancestors’ honor daily. Our histories are preserved by these farming families, and if we are not careful, the rich culture within Sonoma County, could be lost forever. Help us preserve it, help us honor it.


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